1. Ewa Sufin-Jacquemart zegt

    Thanks to John Stoker for his excellent reportage. I would like to add a second post scriptum: at the begining of February the Polish company PGNiG decided to withdraw the request for modification of the concession Tomaszów Lubelski (for 27 drillings in Natura 2000 Roztocze natural area), because of “very large number and complexity of the required clarifications and additions” (for the report of environmental impacts) as well as a “large probability of social conflicts due to the participation of four ecological organizations in the procedure” … This is undoubtedly a victory for activists and residents – their determination and cooperation gave results.
    But the government tries at all costs to keep international investors in Poland: the project of a terrible undemocratic “special law” on search, identification, exploitation and transport of hydrocarbons is in negociation between the ministers and should soon be presented to the parliament. All other regulations would not apply. One person, voievoda – the representative of the state in the region, would decide where the drillings would take place, no local zonning would apply, the Minister of Health would not be able to oppose it in spas, that he normaly manages, the director of a National Parc would not be able to oppose them in the parc. The very hard time limits for the environmental decisions (and strong financial penalty for every day of delay) would mean that there would be no environmental impact assessments and environmental organizations would lose the opportunity to participate in the procedure as a party. This unconstitutional law will soon be our big battle, together with TTIP (transatlantic free trade agreement between UE and USA).

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